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I’m interested in a Skittles Winter Soldier AU, but not even necessarily a SHIELD one: I can see, just as easily, a canon-compliant story line where Stiles goes missing during the next catastrophe to strike Beacon Hills, presumed dead; in reality kidnapped by a shadowy organization of hunters far less honorable than the Argents. They use and manipulate and experiment. They get Stiles bitten, wipe his memories, spend the next few years turning him into their personal attack dog, half-rabid but obedient. He becomes a ghost, chained by ghosts.

He’s young and lean but what he lacks in brute strength he makes up for in utter ruthlessness and cunning. He’s relentless, as cold as ice and silent as snow, with the bitter blue eyes of a murderer. Stronger than any omega has a right to be, with how many of his own kind he’s killed, and the things they’ve done to him. 

(how long is he gone? five, ten years, or decades, maybe? Like Steve Rogers, Scott and his pack are all young soldiers cheated by time; werewolves with their vitality and slow aging, a near-immortal fox and banshee, all standing guard over Beacon Hills with Melissa McCall a frail old woman and the sheriff already gone long before his time, weakened by grief when his son was never found)

Scott never quite gave up, he couldn’t, the only way he could physically survive was to believe that Stiles was out there, somewhere. And when he sees him again for the first time, a snarling wolf ready to tear him apart, he doesn’t even try to fight, lets Stiles pin him to the forest floor.

"Stiles," he says, eyes brown instead of red, and bright with tears. "Stiles, please-“

It’s enough to make the winter wolf speak, voice raspy with infrequent use as he crouches over his prey.

"What the hell is a Stiles?"

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even when i had nothing, i had him

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"Its a magical world"

This happened because of this . Also pls dont ask me wtf are they leaning/sitting on, i gave up half way :) Oh and feel free to guess the context of what they are talking.

(and that’s derek omg he looks so weird, i think is the hair)

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What's a good way to befriend you?

:T Idk, anon, talk to me I guess? The same way anyone befriends anyone, I think. 

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was it you that had an app for your web browser that took words and replaced them with another so you wouldnt have to see the word "feels" if so what app was that?


Yes! I used Ponify, but it backfired because it doesn’t look at grammatical context at all so it didn’t work out but yeah. Ponify is a browser extension that does find/replace of words you can customize. It’s kind of neat. 

And also hilarious since it was designed for MLP fans so sometimes I’ll reset my browser and turn it on and not realize it and it defaults to the MLP like pony words and I won’t always catch it right away until I start reading all these people suddenly saying like “everypony” and what not. 

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Message me 1 thing you want to know about me.
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Holland Roden at the 5th Annual ELLE Women in Music Celebration in Hollywood on April 22nd, 2014

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