Bitecon/Wondercon stuff and house keeping

Hey guys! So I fly out to LA tonight after work!

Tomorrow I’m gonna be at Disneyland!

I’ll be at Wondercon on Friday/Saturday until after the Maze Runner panel and then (somehow) heading back up to Bitecon after that for Saturday/Sunday!

I haven’t 100% ironed out the details but I’ll make it work somehow. I’m shockingly laid back as far as things I want to do at this con go so I don’t have a very firm schedule for anything. I’m mostly just excited to see people so if you wanna track me down, I’ll be happy to give you my cell! Just message me!

Next weekend I’ll be at c2e2 as well :3 

Let’s hang out!

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We’re the extra special Gallagher kind of fucked up.

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Tyler (7th Heck) Hoechlin’s First College At-Bat (x)

"Sun Devil freshman first-baseman Tyler (7th Heck) Hoechlin makes his college debut at the plate with an opposite-field line drive double (we’ll call it a double anyway) to the screams of his adoring fans yelling "7th Heaven!!! 7th Heaven!!!". ASU beat Southern Utah 20-1 on opening night, 2-2-2007."

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You are all so incredibly sweet, I love you <3

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Unfortunately, I’m leaving for LA tomorrow so I won’t be able to get them all packed up and shipped out until next week but they are here and safe and all in one piece! I’m gonna try to get as many packed up as I can as quickly as I can to ensure that they’re all in the hands of their owners as quickly as possible though, I promise. 

I’m really really happy with how they ended up printing - the print is really rugged! 

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It’s all your fault!!! I’m an innocent girl!! LOL


It’s all your fault!!! I’m an innocent girl!! LOL

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Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful day love :) And good luck with your moving and everything.

Aaahhh thank you!!

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Can we fill out the form for your give away more than once?

Nope one per person sorry!

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Hey guys! It’s been a while! 

Guess what? 

My birthday is coming up on the 15th (gross). So I wanna do something for everyone because why not, right? And I can actually do longer giveaways with my new found love of the google form thing so. Here goes nothing. 

(also I got a new computer so I don’t have my fonts installed yet, hence the weird looking banner, I’m sorry :( )

  • Someone is going to win a lacrosse hoodie. 
  • Any size. Any character.
  • Shipped anywhere. 
  • To enter, fill out this form.
  • Winners will be messaged on APRIL 15th at 10PM EST.
  • NOTE: I’ll be leaving for BiteCon on the 16th, so after winners are messaged and what not, if I go kind of radio silent, it’s because I’m on a plane or packing frantically. Please don’t stress out.

As always, hoodies are available here.

hey this is done on tuesday!

Last day for this!! It’s over tonight~

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I’m so angry that it’s completely unfeasible for me to get to Eyecon right after I move

I’m never going to get to give Sharman a hoodie.

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