So here’s the deal! Terminality and I are going to get some custom printed thigh highs for our Ballgown Dreamer (Designs by Mookie000, see Terezi up above :3 ) costumes and the company we’re getting them from requires a minimum order of 6 pairs - Now, I like thigh highs as much as the next person, but I don’t really have a huge need for like 3 pairs of the same thing, so, I figure - Why not, let’s just do a group order! 

So here’s the deal! We’re going to be going through I know this isn’t a perfect solution, as their thigh highs are a ‘one size fits most’ deal, but they’re the most affordable option I can find at the moment at $9 a pair with the printing cost included. 

Shipping from the site is a flat rate of $~14, which brings the cost of 6 pairs up to $11.50 a piece

Unfortunately, because of the way the ordering quantities work, have to do this order in multiples of 6, so for right now, I’m only looking for four more people. If there’s a lot of interest, however, I’m more than willing to bump it up to an order of 12 and so on! 

Also of note: Since this will be my first order from this company, I can’t insure a specific turn-around time. Just as a warning if you’re convention is coming up very fast!

Once the tights are printed and arrive, I will mail them out to everyone - Since they’re thigh highs and they’re going to be light and small I’ll happily take care of USPS shipping to the continental US (but if you really want to chip in an extra couple bucks, I won’t stop you) - If you need your thigh highs express delivered, though, we’re going to have to work something out since 2 day shipping isn’t cheap :/ 

I’m going to close this order officially a week from Friday, Feburary 8th, and then the thigh highs will be ordered as soon as everyone is settled up! 

ANYWAY. I think that’s about it for right now - please message me here or email me at if you’re interested or have any questions! I can provide ebay and forum transaction feedback if you’re concerned about that as well.  

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    GOSH DARNIT I just started dying some white vertical striped thihighs after debating weather or not to order these, I...
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    The first group of 6 is filled up now! So any other interest will have to go to a second group of six, just FYI! :3...
  11. stillvisions said: Hell, I should just get them, cosplaying or not, because those are pretty boss and I could terrify all when I wear them XP
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    If anyone else is interested in these tights, we still have one more spot for the order. :) Message me or rustypolished...